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It is our pleasure to host you on our web-site. If you are looking for assistance in identifying Polish legal requirements for environmental protection or occupational safety, we will not disappoint your expectations.

International standards such as ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and EMAS Regulation, require certified organizations to maintain compliance with legal requirements. In order to ensure compliance, it is crucial to properly identify legal and other requirements and to evaluate compliance periodically.

Compliance is a measure of the effectiveness of a management system.

The importance of the legal issues in the certification process continues to increase. In 2004 it was decided to create a stand-alone clause on compliance evaluation in ISO 14001: 2004. In 2008 the same was done in OHSAS 18001. In 2008 European Accreditation published guidelines "Compliance with the law as part of an accredited certification of the ISO 14001: 2004 (EA 7/04 ), thus certification bodies are required to examine legal compliance while auditing.

The new standards – published in 2015 - ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 (safety) increased emphasis on identifying risks associated with environmental aspects and occupational safety issues that may affect achieving organizations’ fundamental goals (eg. to generate profit or maintain its market position). It's hard to argue with the view that in the areas of environmental management and occupational safety regulatory requirements are important sources of these risks.

It is worth mentioning here that these risks apply not only to ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 certificates holders or EMAS registered organizations. Legal requirements apply to all!

Good registers of legal requirements

Quality tools for the identification of legal requirements and compliance evaluation become an important element influencing the effectiveness of management systems. Effective identification of legal requirements demands lots of effort, time and knowledge. The law in Poland changes frequently, new legal acts entry into force with a short notice, and construction of laws (eg. multi-level references) makes understanding of the requirements not easy.

Therefore more and more organizations outsource keeping updated records of legal requirements to specialized entities. Often it turns out to be cheaper and more effective because of the synergies – time and effort required to track and analyze changes in the law is shared among large number of customers.

A response to these expectations is REGULIS - a new product of eko-net.pl team. eko-net.pl for over 10 years has been active in the field of improvement of management systems, identification of legal requirements and the compliance assessments in the area of environmental protection and occupational safety.

Our services have been designed for those customers who wish to secure a high quality of service at a reasonable price. What the high quality means in this case? The four basic issues:

  • adapting to the conditions in which a customer operates - linking reguirements to environmnetal aspects and risks outlined by the client,
  • continual updating of the registers,
  • permanent access - for any number of staff - to the register via easy to use interface,
  • attention to the simplicity of the language - adapting to the needs of customers' without legal preparation.


Check our offer

If you are interested in testing the product call us or send an e-mail to: info@regulis.pl 

About us

REGULIS is the latest product of a group of people maintaining the online portal for environmental protection and occupational safety professionals eko-net.pl.

eko-net.pl portal was established in 2000 in collaboration with partners in Ireland and Finland. As a company eko-net.pl is operational since October 2004. Thus, already more than 10 years we provide advisory services and training in the field of environmental protection and occupational safety for businesses throughout Poland.

Our professional competence includes:

  • conducting evaluations of compliance with legal requirements on environmental protection and occupational safety,
  • preparing dedicated registers legal requirements for environmental protection and occupational safety,
  • implementation and improvement of environmental management systems based on ISO 14001 / EMAS and the occupational safety management systems based on PN 18001 / OHSAS,
  • applying for environmental consents (related to ground water extraction, waste water discharge, emissions to air, waste management and integrated (IPPC) permits),
  • comprehensive services for businesses involving the takeover of tasks and responsibilities associated with conducting the necessary reporting to authorities arising from environmental laws,
  • staff training (open or tailored to specific Client’s needs).


We combine the reliability in customer service and modern forms of providing service. Our team consists of people with significant practical experience - both in consulting in the area of compliance with Polish law and the implementation and improvement of management systems.

In the last few years the fastest growing part of our business has been compliance evaluation with regulatory requirements for environmental protection and occupational safety as well as the maintaining tailored records of legal requirements in that area. That led us to offering our services in the on-line version. In our opinion, REGULIS, retaining all the advantages of traditional registers, which we have offered to our Clients so far, gained new values - ease of access, continual updates and more friendly form.

In addition to the direct work with our Clients we are engaged in the development of the conceptual basis for effective management in the areas of environmental protection and occupational safety. Apart of directing eko-net.pl I am a president of the board of the Polish Forum ISO 14000 Association, cooperate with the Polish Committee for Standardization (KT270) and International Standard Organization (ISO). For the last three years I have taken a direct part in the creation of the new ISO 14001 as a delegate of PKN Technical Committee 207 ISO. Therefore, by creating REGULIS, I took into account not only the text of the new standards, but also dozens of discussions with experts from all over the world on what is important in maintaining effective environmental / health and safety management systems.

I am looking forward to working with you.

Robert Pochyluk